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Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands — Автоновини з усього світу

Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands

Historically, the owners of convertibles were mostly representatives of the class of the elite, and the convertible related to the category of luxury, since price is much higher than in conventional cars. However, this does not mean that if you are not a descendant of the hereditary Prince of Monaco, road to world luxury cars open you closed, because it’s possible to make a convertible with their hands. It all depends on your preferences, creativity and available funds. So, if you are seriously thinking about how to remake the car into a convertible, for the summer season need to start preparing as early as possible — work to a lot. And first you need to determine the answers to key questions about:

  • The type of body.
  • The amount of changes and improvements.
  • The total cost of all works (including the purchase of a car).
  • The place of storage.

Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуTo make a convertible, you should consider many characteristics of your car

To better understand what you really need, refer to the history of the convertibles and their first representatives.

The mention of the first convertibles dates to the early nineteenth century, when in France he had a bit of a horse carriage with a folding roof, into which were harnessed a horse. Later with the growth of technical progress convertibles were called double or more cars with folding top.

Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуConvertible — this car convertible

Modern convertibles are equipped as a rule, soft vinyl or canvas, and hard top convertible. In these vehicles, four more — two doors and they are made mostly on the basis of sedans or hatchbacks.

In addition to the above, there are similar types of bodies, which make convertibles:

  • Phaeton — an open car with a top opening of soft materials. In the early twentieth century, the main producers were Horch, Packard, Škoda.

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуThe convertible in the back of a Phaeton

  • Targa — a type two-seat Roadster with a removable roof, the rear window and roll bar. The brightest representative — Triumph TR4.

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуThe convertible in the back of Targa

  • Roadster — sporty two-seater with a removable roof in soft or hard versions. Presented by such cars as Chrysler and Ford.

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуThe convertible in the body Roadster

  • Speedster — single or double variant of the Roadster, is less practical for daily driving. An example of such cars on the market today is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss.

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуThe convertible in the body Speedster

    Regardless of the type of security these cars always have been high demands due to their features, so the producers had nothing in machines of the class convertible and how to make them on the basis of the reinforced body with the use of the hard rear window or solid steel arcs. At this point, we will come in detail in the description of action reconstruction of the car into a convertible.

    Well, with the existing types of convertibles, we understand, but what really offers us the modern car market and which models are most suitable for their upgrading in a convertible? The answer to this question let’s start with the domestic auto industry.

    In the case of cars of the Soviet and post-Soviet production two scenarios are possible:

  • You can buy ready convertible, a limited number have been released in the middle of the last century, and make him a tuning, restyling, custom everything your heart desires. Almost all representatives of the Soviet “convertible” those times were issued for participation in military parades or the same as private cars of great leaders. If you find one of these preserved copies, consider yourself lucky:
    • “Victory” GAZ-M20, 1949 V.
    • “Volga” GAZ-21, 1965, under a modified version of the convertible.
    • Black “Volga” — cabriolet GAZ-24, 1983, V.
    • “The Seagull” GAZ-13B and 14B. Due to the fact that instances of this modification in the world, only three — in Moscow, in Crimea and in Cuba — is it more for informational purposes.

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуConvertibles Soviet production — a real rarity

  • To choose in the market to any domestic car in good condition, to study the material about how to make a convertible with their hands and to begin detailed revision. The most popular among craftsmen include:
    • UAZ-3151, 1995, V. — due to the simplicity of the roof is removed. Just a few of the keys and 20 minutes.
    • “ZAZ” second generation — the good old “Zaporozhets”.
    • “Volga” — all the available models on the market.
    • VAZ — Lada most of the models.

    In the choice of imported cars can also either be already ready variants, such as Opel Ascona in the back of convertible or Ford Escort Cabrio, or to do author alteration. For these purposes the most suitable such models:

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуOne of the best candidates are the sedans from Opel

  • This list can be continued, although the above models require less investment in further development and in an embodiment, the convertible looks much more spectacular.

    Finally, we come to the heart of the matter: how to make a car a convertible, namely the step by step instructions on upgrading the car.

    Before making a car a convertible, you should take into account that the convertible is not just bolted with machine (cut) cover, and complex structural changes of the body with increased requirements to the strengthening of the latter to ensure the safety of passengers and the driver. Especially when it comes to making changes in the original design in a private workshop. So, you will need:

    • The car that you will turn into a convertible.
    • Mechanical workshop or a garage equipped with all the necessary tools.

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуWithout equipped workshop or garage will not do

  • Drawings, patterns.
  • Skillful hands.
  • Now you can directly implement some changes.

    In addition to their direct functions in protecting passengers from wind and rain, the roof also ensures the necessary rigidity. This means that just took to drink the roof, you will compromise the strength of the car and your safety. So you just need to perform the following actions to enhance the body of your future convertible:

  • To make a heavy-duty frame of the two powerful stringers, privaris them parallel to each other to the bottom of the machine. Alternative, the spars could serve as the connection of fastening points of the engine and the floor of the car with a steel pipe diameter at least 20 mm, wall thickness 3 mm. besides, thicker pipes, with thickness 4 mm, it is necessary to connect under-floor Luggage compartment.
  • To strengthen the windshield frame.
  • To strengthen and make the back door if you alter into a convertible four-door car.
  • Welded to the body of the rigid partition, thereby dividing the Luggage compartment and the internal volume of the body.
  • Increase the thresholds.
  • Additionally install a vertical tube, running from the border where the end frame of the windshield to the bottom of the car.
  • Reinforce front doors durable frame.
  • To establish a solid beam, the envelope of the seat.

    Such changes will lead to a significant increase in the weight of the car, so we cannot rely on improved performance, speed and dynamics. Pay special attention to the quality of the body: it is important that in the field of welding, and it was not rust.

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуRoof can be removed only after amplification of the body

    Only after you have carried out all necessary actions for strengthening the body, disassembled the roof. Possible partial dismantling, if you leave the side panel. The windshield frame also remains. Behind front or rear seats are installed steel safety rails.

    This functionality is quite difficult to calculate, but with proper skill will succeed. First, we expect the pattern to produce the arc, then the patterns of the sewn tent made of leather, vinyl, or double-layer waterproof fabric.

    After you exposed the interior of the car, it already starts to play the role of your business card, invariably attracting the attention of others. It is recommended to wrap interior high-quality leather or leatherette in bright colors, because in addition to aesthetic properties, it must possess high resistance to fading in the sun, and also be immune to the effects of wind and rain.

    Get ready for summer: convertible sedan with their hands - Автоновини з усього світуThe interior of the updated car should look your best

    So, adhering to simple rules and with the proper level of perseverance, you will be able to realize his dream into reality. And you don’t have to shell out a tidy sum, because all you need is a little savings for a used, but well-preserved car, the minimum level of skills, creativity, and most importantly, your desire.

    And what dreams and plans about the future of the convertible? Share your opinion by leaving a comment below this article.

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